Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame & Northwest Louisiana History Museum

Field Trips

We invite you to bring your class on a field trip to the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame and Northwest Louisiana History Museum to take in everything this unique site has to offer. School tours are free for students and chaperones, and we require at least one adult chaperone for every 10 students.

All school and youth groups of more than 10 students must make a reservation. We recommend scheduling your tour at least two weeks in advance.

If you are unsure if your group qualifies for free admission, please call 318-357-2491 to book tours and more information.

Treasure Hunts

Make exploring our galleries even more fun for your students with our treasure hunt guides— they are designed to pull students into the details of each exhibit, let them engage with our stories and help them retain what they learn during their visit. Our guides are broken down based on age group, so there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Lesson Plans

Clementine Hunter's Zinnia Program

Our Clementine Hunter teacher’s guide provides information about the famous folk artist who frequently painted zinnia flowers. This can also serve as a segue into the discussion and study of plants. 

Pre-visit activities introduce the parts of a plant and include classroom experiments demonstrating plant anatomy. Post-visit activities include plant-themed crafts, a rhyming word activity, a connect-the-dots activity, a memory game involving Clementine Hunter’s pictures and a zinnia growth chart to be used for the miniature zinnia garden that will be planted during the museum visit.

Student booklets should be used during your visit to the Clementine Hunter exhibition to identify and discuss Clementine Hunter’s art. Students will create zinnia artwork and paint cups as Clementine Hunter did. The students will plant zinnia seeds in those cups to create a small garden, and the cups (including peat pellets and seeds) will be taken to the classroom where students can chart the growth of their plants. 

Targeted Grades


Primary Subject


Primary and Secondary Colors

This guide includes pre-visit, museum visit, and post-visit activities that will introduce students to primary and secondary colors.  On their museum visit, students will experiment with a hands-on activity that will create secondary colors, and each student will construct a colorful tambourine. Students will also use their booklets to record any primary and secondary colors they see while on a treasure hunt for colors in the museum galleries.  Post-visit activities include mixing primary colors to create secondary colors and painting a color wheel (included) labeled with color names.



Targeted Grades


Primary Subject

Math and Science

What is a Museum?

This teacher’s guide includes a booklet with pictures that illustrate different types of museums, explain why museums are important and how museums tell stories and describe who works in a museum.   The student booklet will be utilized by students to determine who works in a museum, what is in a museum and the sounds of the museum as they explore the galleries in search of artifacts shown on their picture cards.  The post-visit activities allow students to cut and paste pictures of artifacts into a museum cabinet (both included) to create a museum gallery. Also included is a family activity to promote parental involvement.

Targeted Grades


Primary Subject

Social Studies