Colleen Kane Abandoned Baton Rouge
Capitol Park Museum
Plantation Country
Baton Rouge
Event Date: Sunday, December 2, 2018

During our First Free Sunday event, stop by at 2:00pm for a book signing, meet & greet with Colleen Kane. Colleen, author of the blog Abandoned Baton Rouge, now has a fascinating book on the establishments that once were, the high times and the low crimes. Captured in photos before they were gone are Baton Rouge institutions like The Bellemont Motor Hotel, and that ordinary building on Oklahoma Street that helped to make LSU athletics extraordinary. More than 130 images show how these places looked when they were new, not-so-new, abandoned, and on their way out of existence.

COLLEEN KANE is a writer who has worked at BUST magazine and CNBC. In between those jobs, she lived in Louisiana and created the blog Abandoned Baton Rouge. Colleen lives in Brooklyn, where nothing stays abandoned, and the Catskills, where she’s explored what’s left of the old Borscht Belt resorts. In the latter home, she keeps a small piece of The Bellemont’s rusted decorative iron railing.