Students & Teachers

Students and teachers can explore the Louisiana State Museum in many ways! The museum offers school field trips, online content, and activities for students of all ages. Book a field trip to one of our nine locations to see artifacts up-close. Watch online video tours of our exhibitions or download lesson plans and activities to share with your class or family. No matter what you choose, the museum’s educational materials will connect students to Louisiana’s history, art, and culture.

Field Trip Resources and Online Learning

Museum educators create videos, lesson plans, discussion guides, and research activities that align with state standards and grade level expectations. Choose a content area to explore options. Check back often for new resources!

Teacher working with students at the museums.

In-Gallery Resources

Explore resources to use while visiting Louisiana State Museums throughout the state, including scavenger hunts, worksheets, and lesson plans! You can download and print these resources before your next visit or field trip. New resources will be added regularly.

Exterior view of The Cabildo

Cabildo History

The Cabildo has been a government building for more than two hundred years. Before becoming part of the Louisiana State Museum, the Cabildo served as the meeting place of the Spanish Cabildo (town council), New Orleans City Hall, and home of the Louisiana Supreme Court!

Seats from the Superdome used during Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina had a devastating impact on New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Human actions such as flawed levee engineering, decades of wetlands destruction, and poor disaster management worsened the effects of the storm. Studying Hurricane Katrina and the causes behind its disastrous impact.

Louisiana Lagniappe logo

Louisiana Lagniappe – Short Video Lessons

Museum educators and Friends of the Cabildo docents have created short video lessons that explore the collections and buildings of the Louisiana State Museum. Each video features a different artifact, historic building, or story. Watch the videos and learn something new about Louisiana history.